General Information

We are sure you are familiar with this situation: You put a lot of effort, motivation and intellectual reasoning in your seminar papers, your supervisor gives you some (hopefully helpful) remarks – and your paper has done it’s duty. Semester after semester countless highly interesting projects just vanish without ever having had the chance to be made known to an extended audience. We believe that in that way, universities and the body of students alike miss out on a lot of creative and critical thoughts that could have been shared to inspire productive discussions and further research.

This is why ACIT has launched its project called Journal for Critical and Interdisciplinary Thinking. On one hand, we want to offer an interactive platform where the best papers of any scientific field can easily be shared and get the attention they deserve. On the other hand, ACIT is working on a periodic e-publication, for which talented students are encouraged to delve deeper into their prefered academic field to get their articles ready for publishing in our journal. Those students will also receive the possibility to present their work in an ACIT talk. Every paper submitted to us that meets our criteria will be uploaded and made publicly available in our library and also is eligible for being published in our journal. Depending on the incoming papers, the board of editors will decide on a main topic that will be interdisciplinarily approached in the respective issue of the journal. Hence, papers for the journal will be selected thematically to fit the main topic and their authors will be contacted for further collaboration in the process of publishing. For the library there is no thematic restriction whatsoever.

Our call for paper has started on 1 February 2017 and will end on 7 April 2017. Please note that submissions for the database are always welcome, throughout the whole year.