Program / History

Below you can find all events/meetings that ACIT and its network have organized to date and those that we will organize within the next months. Not included are collectively attended or on-coming talks organized by Swiss universities, since those take place independent of ACIT. We will, however, inform you via email about interesting talks that take place near you. For our own meetings, it is common that topics are chosen by pluralistic voting and that one of our members prepares a talk about her area of expertise or invites an external academic speaker. If you are interested in participating in one of our events or if you would like to contribute to our association by giving a talk/an introductory class about a topic you believe to have sufficient expertise in, please email We will get into touch with you as soon as possible and arrange a date to get to know each other better.  

05.04.2017 Markets and Fragility

29.03.2017 Introduction to Rhetorics

14.03.2017 Emotional Heuristics

11.02.2017 Two Brains in One Head

20.01.2017 Genetic Rebellion

04.01.2017 Hiking in the Swiss Alps

21.12.2016 Living in a World of Risk

08.12.2016 Group Dynamics

28.11.2016 Religion and Existentialism

27.11.2016 Gender Equality

06.11.2016 Introduction to Economic Systems

22.10.2016 Affect in Spinoza

15.10.2016 Ordinary General Meeting 2016

08.09.2016 Towards a better society

20.08.2016 Law and Justice

05.07.2016 Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative

16.06.2016 Altruism, Hedonism and Nihilism

24.05.2016 Introduction to the History of Philosophy

17.05.2016 The Ontology of Randomness  

08.05.2016 Introduction to Cognitive Biases

24.04.2016 Decision-Making and the evolution of our brain

02.04.2016 Introduction to Molecular Genetics

10.03.2016 Boat trip on Lake Lucerne

05.02.2016 Introduction to Quantum Physics

02.02.2016 Anniversary Celebration at Hiltl Zurich

30.01.2016 Rationality and Decision-Making

20.01.2016 Guided Tour at Swiss Science Center Technorama

20.12.2015 Ontology in Wittgenstein

19.12.2015 Contemporary Metaphysics

30.11.2015 Introduction to Formal Logic / Introduction to Statistics

28.11.2015 Introduction to the Art of Argumentation

08.11.2015 The obligation of voting in democracies  

07.11.2015 Asian Mythology

18.10.2015 The Ethics of Self-Control

17.10.2015 The Practice of Self-Control

02.10. 2015 Annual Review by the President with a welcome aperitif

24.09.2015 Nietzsche Kolloquium Sils Maria

12.09.2015 Instruments of Critical Thinking

15.08.2015 Analogy as a Method   

17.07.2015 Ethics and Economics

27.06.2015 Ordinary General Meeting 2015

14.06.2015 Goals and Ethics

30.05.2015 Moral Legitimacy

15.05.2015 The Future of Artificial Intelligence

02.05.2015 Power and Utilitarianism

12.04.2015 Utilitarian Systems

22.03.2015 The concept of power in Michel Foucault

10.03.2015 Limits of Knowledge

16.02.2015 The Concept of Objectivity

02.02.2015 Kick-Off Event at ETH Zurich